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As of the 1st May 2013,The General Dental Council voted in favour of patients being allowed to directly access Dental Hygienists without a prescription from a referring Dentist.

What does this mean for our patients?

Here at Refine our highly experienced Hygien team can see you without you seeing a Dentist first. The treatments that we can offer without a prescription are:

A prescription from a Dentist is required for:

Dental Hygienist
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Treatments without a prescription are:


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All patients will be required to fill in a detailed medical history form and answer some questions regarding their dental and general health before we commences assessment.  A consent letter will need to be signed by both patient and hygienist. Often in the cases of complex gum disease more appointments will be required and we will explain all this and ensure a print out of costs is given. 

An initial consultation/treatment appointment of 1 hour will be required.

Our hygienist CANNOT carry out a dental examination and can refuse to provide any of the above treatments if they believe that in the best interests of your health you need to see a Dentist. If this is the case they will refer you to one leagues.

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